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Pharmacy Department

The Department of Pharmacy is a dynamic, integral and critical part of patient care provided by the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.
The Department is responsible for the provision of pharmaceutical services to the Hospital. “Pharmaceutical services” is the term used to represent all the services pharmacists require to resolve a patient’s drug therapy problems. These services range from the provision of drug information to patient counseling to medicines compounding and distribution. Our commitment extends to our patients and community and encompasses service, teaching and research to optimize medication-related outcomes. We continue to contribute to the Hospital’s clarity in roles as a leader among health institutions across the country and the sub-region.

1. Improve on quality of patient care
2. Ensure the availability of appropriate, cost-effective, quality pharmaceuticals
3. To develop capacities of staff of the Department.
4. To provide Teaching, Support and Training to pharmacy-related and other health Institutions
5. To provide appropriate and accurate information on medicines to health professionals, patients and the general public
6. Promote research at the Pharmacy Department in collaboration with the rest of the hospital
7. Rehabilitate/Refurbish existing infrastructure to their highest stature to support the Department’s activities

Attracting and retaining the best team members is of paramount importance to us. We do this by providing an environment that:
• Pursues the highest level of safety and quality
• Focuses on treating patients and colleagues with courtesy, honesty, respect and dignity
• Recognizes people for their achievements and capabilities
• Provides opportunities for continuous training in clinical competencies
• Encourages the open exchange of ideas

The Department has a culture of dedicated service and measurable accountability to our patients. Our patients will continue to experience a seamless and sophisticated system of care that is efficient, safe and easy to navigate. We will continue to research our processes and systems to ensure a high quality care with the most recent advances at all times.
The Pharmacy Department has four major areas of operation, which include Pharmacy Administration and Financial Management, Clinical pharmacy, Small-scale Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management.

The Department of Pharmacy has a 24/7-service retail pharmacy, Oncology Unit, Nuclear and Radiotherapy Unit, and several satellite pharmacies. The satellite units of the department include Main Pharmacy, Surgical Pharmacy, Obstetrics and Gynecology Pharmacy, Child Health Pharmacy, Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Burns Pharmacy, Cardiothoracic Pharmacy, Chest Clinic Pharmacy, Emergency Medicine pharmacy, Polyclinic pharmacy, small scale hospital Manufacturing Unit, Drug Information Centre, Clinical Pharmacy Unit, Medical Stores Section ‘C’ and Adherence Counselling Unit.
The Pharmacy Department encourages the model which ensures that staff members are instrumental in the development and implementation of ideas that will directly impact the Department’s operations, practice, performance improvement, professional development, and finance.

Korle Bu 24hr Pharmacy
The Department operates a 24-hour pharmacy outlet that is well stocked with variety of medicinal products and serves clients in the hospital and the communities around its catchment area. The round-the-clock services are made possible by dedicated staff who are ready to serve any time of the day, including public holidays.

Manufacturing Unit
This in-house small scale hospital compounding unit undertakes the production of extemporaneous products, disinfectants, bleach, eye drops, creams, ointments, nasal drops, personalized preparations prepared in-situ (like spironolactone, furosemide and propranolol pediatric suspensions).

Eye Centre Pharmacy
This is a specialty pharmacy that ensures eye medicines are more accessible and affordable to patients/clients. It ensures the appropriate storage of eye medications (keeping cold chain medicines) and provides all the eye medicines needed on the wards for optimized patient outcomes. Counselling on the proper usages of eye drops, especially for newly diagnosed chronic eye conditions, monitoring drug treatments (drug –drug interactions) and identifying and reporting of adverse drug reactions to improve decision making is another specialty of the Eye Centre Pharmacy.

Adherence Counseling Unit
The directorate contributes significantly to the success of HIV/AIDS clinical care programmes of the hospital. Antiretroviral and other medications are timely and adequately given to clients at their counseling sessions based on the WHO criteria for antiretroviral therapy (ART).

Oncology Reconstitution
Oncology drugs for administration are being reconstituted under a specially designed environment, which is manned by dedicated pharmacists who have had adequate training and orientation. This is to ensure the safe use of these delicate products.

Clinical Pharmacy
Almost all clinical areas of the hospital are served with clinical pharmacists who provide pharmaceutical care services to inpatients. They perform clinical interventions that involve the identification of actual or potential drug-related problems and the provision of recommendations to resolve or prevent them, and subsequently document the clinical intervention to improve health outcomes for patients. The Department continues to extend such clinical duties to non-served wards to ensure the safe use of medicines. Discharged counselling is given for all inpatients with newly diagnosed chronic conditions.

Teaching and Training
The Department serves as the training grounds for pharmacy interns from all pharmacy institutions in Ghana and foreign trained pharmacists who intend to register in Ghana. Undergraduate and postgraduate students undergo clinical rotation programmes in the department. Other pharmacists from other parts of the continent also occasionally visit to learn at first hand, the operations of the department under the Pharmabridge initiative and other such local and foreign programmes.

Drug Information Services
The Department provides medicine information services to healthcare professionals and the general public through the Drug Information Unit.

Research & Innovation
The Department’s relationship with local and international research institutions create a productive environment for clinical research. Patients benefit from the most promising new developments in drug research with advancing healthcare through their participation in such studies. There are available experts in research who collaborate with affiliates to provide support for clinical trials.

The department is also available to collaborate to promote the development of patient-centered innovations designed to address the current challenges facing the healthcare delivery system related to cost, efficiency, quality of care, innovative care delivery and alignment among industry participants.
For support from resource persons in the Department, contact the Department of Pharmacy Secretariat.

The Department has a current staff strength of 200 people who focus their attention on caring for patients of the hospital and the general public. We are culturally diverse and have a variety of backgrounds, interests, capabilities and experiences. It is headed by a Director of Pharmacy (DOP), who sits on the Board of the hospital. DOP is ably supported by Deputies and Heads of the various units. The Department employs over 100 Pharmacists, 80 pharmacy technicians and assistants and other supporting staff.

Tel: 0302-678652
Address: Pharmacy Department P.O. BOX KB77 Korle-Bu Accra.