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Psychiatry Department

The Psychiatry Department of Korle Bu Teaching Hospital was established in November, 2011 and started operating as a distinct Sub-Management Unit in the same year.

Cases managed at the Department include the following:

Schizophrenia and other psychoses
Somatization disorder
Bipolar disorders
Dementias  Alzheimer's, vascular, etc.
Child developmental and behaviour - disabilities
ADHD, Autism, etc.
Insomnia and other sleep disorders

Learning disability
Psychological assessment for educational placement
Post traumatic events (e.g. rape)
Drug overdose
Stress related conditions
Panic and other anxiety disorders
Substance abuse and addiction
Sexual dysfunction

The Department has the capacity to assess all types of psychiatric and psychological problems. It also receives referrals from various facilities in and around Accra for assessment and management. Patients may be referred by a health professional or directly (self-referral).

The Psychiatry Department has been accredited to train future Psychologists and Psychiatrists in the West Africa sub-region. The Director of the Department is one of the consultants overseeing to the smooth running of this programme.

Units within the Department
- Addictive Diseases Unit
- Brief Assessment Unit
- Psychological Unit



Outpatient Department
The section is used for initial assessment and follow up of patient.
There are 15 beds distributed as follows;
Eight for females
Seven for males


Professional Type Number
Consultant 1
Specialist 2