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Korle Bu Biomed Manufactures its own Suction Machine

The Biomedical Engineering Unit of the Hospital has made a breakthrough by manufacturing a suction machine. The suction machine, fondly called ‘Korle Bu Bio-suck’, is highly efficient, durable, noise free and cheap.

In an interview with the Korle Bu Bulletin, the head of the Biomedical Engineering Unit, Mrs. Cynthia Gyakye disclosed that last year many surgeries had to be cancelled because of the unavailability of suction machine. The clinical departments, therefore, complained to them about the issue.

They said the Unit decided to contact some companies with the intention of purchasing a number of the machines for use but the prices quoted were too high, ranging from GHc10,000 to Ghc15,000. The Biomedical Unit realised from the specifications presented by the companies that the suction machine could be locally manufactured if they got the items. The Unit, therefore, met and decided to take up the challenge to produce one.

The birth of this determination is the ‘Korle Bu Bio-Suck’ machine which, today, has brought relief to clinicians. After the first one that was built, two other prototypes with improved features have been built and used. The machine has been successfully used for ENT, Dental and Surgical operations.

Unlike other suction machines, the locally-manufactured one can be easily and quickly repaired by the Biomedical Unit when there is a problem. Again, delays in getting needed parts to repair faulty suction machines will also be a thing of the past if this new one is patronized by staff.

The cost of producing the ‘Korle Bu Bio-suck’ is GHc4,800. This enables the Hospital produce two of such machines from the purchase of one from suppliers.
The items needed to produce the suction machines are a clamp, regulator, vacuum holes, waste bottles and carriers have been fixed to ensure efficiency and easy movement when in use. The Unit is able to produce one suction machine within a week, when all items needed are present.

In the near future, the Unit hopes that various Sub-BMCs will pay the cost of producing the machine to enable more of them to be built. The first two machines were funded by the Biomedical Unit.

The Korle Bu Bulletin commends staff at the Biomedical Unit for this bold step. With the production of this machine, the Hospital’s quest to make the patient first has been enhanced further. We hope the various Sub-BMCs who require the use of this machine will also provide the necessary assistance to enable the Unit produce more of such machines for use.