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Quality of Care

Quality of care is the degree to which health care services for individuals and populations increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes and are consistent with current professional knowledge (IOM, 2001). The introduction of evidence-based practice, guidelines, performance measurements and feedback has characterized quality improvement and patient safety initiatives in hospitals during the last decade largely because of the plethora of evidence available with respect to safety and quality problems in a number of healthcare systems across the world including KBTH.
Many healthcare institutions have used quality improvement processes to assess and improve the quality of care and safety. Many of these emphasizes the importance of an organizations commitment to quality and safety and the values of implementing programs in these areas.
Providing the highest quality of healthcare to our client is one of the key operational objectives of the hospital. It is therefore imperative that a Quality Improvement program is established to improve the quality of care in the hospital. The mechanisms currently in place for quality improvement i.e. clinical reviews, morbidity and mortality meetings, consultants’ / specialists’ fora, clinical meetings and infection control activities are acceptable and need to be improved on to assure good quality.
This framework is therefore proposed to guide the establishment of the Quality Improvement Program

Our Vision
The vision of the Quality & Patient Safety (QPS) Unit of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH) is consistent with the larger institutional vision; “to become the preferred centre of excellence and innovation for specialist care provision, training, research and advocacy in Ghana and West Africa”.

The KBTH QIPS exist to provide high quality specialized care through continuous quality improvement, innovations and evidence based practices by a highly motivated and dedicated staff, to meet the needs of our clients.

Broad Objectives of QPS
1.To establish Systems and Structures for QIPS
2.To improve clinical effectiveness including the reduction in morbidity and mortality, and governance
3. To improve patient/provider safety
4.To ensure the provision of patient-centered care at all times
KBTH’s Healthcare Quality Aims
Three healthcare quality aims will guide the KBTH in its quality improvement and patient safety efforts over the next five (5) Years.
1.Patient Safety: There will be no avoidable harm or injury to clients/patients who receive healthcare from us; and an appropriate, clean and safe environment will be provided for the delivery of healthcare services at all times. Will work towards developing a world-class culture of safety i.e. “first do no harm” to deliver the safest healthcare to our clients. We will focus on harm free care to all our clients.
2.Integrated Care with Partners: We will work towards developing a mutually beneficial partnership between our clients, their families and relations that will be based on respecting their individual needs and values, and which demonstrates compassion, continuity, clear communication and shared decision-making. We will develop improvements in care for the whole pathway of care for patients with specific conditions by engaging with our partners in health and social care to deliver more effective care.
3.Clinical effectiveness: We will ensure at all times that, the most appropriate treatments, interventions, support and services are provided at the right time to everyone who will need and will benefit from it. Wasteful and/or harmful variation will be eradicated. We will also work to reduce our institutional mortality rates to be one of the best in the country.
These quality aims will provide the necessary focus that will guide all our activities towards the delivery of the best quality care to our clients.

Mandate of QPS in KBTH
The mandate of quality improvement and patient safety (Unit/Department/Division/Directorate) in the Hospital is stated as follows:

1.To ensure quality planning and monitoring the implementation of same
2.To ensure the development, dissemination and monitoring adherence to protocols, standards, guidelines and procedures
3.To ensure and advance the course of patient/provider safety in the Hospital
4.To ensure that, patient care is delivered effectively, efficiently, equitably, timely and patient centered at all times
5.To identify priority quality gaps, the development and implementation of strategies to improve outcomes in the priority areas
6.To facilitate the conduct of regular clinical audits


Core Values
KBTH seek to achieve its vision, mission and the quality improvement & patient safety objectives by exhibiting the following core values:
1.Customer satisfaction
2.Respect for one another and the rights of our clients
3.Commitment to excellence and innovation
4.Commitment to a healthy environment
5.Excellent stewardship of all resources
6.Transparency & accountability