MRI & CT Scan now Working


The Hospital’s Magnetic Resonance Imaging and CT Scan machines are now working after they had broken down for some time now. The recommissioning of these machines has brought to an end the inconvenience patients and relatives had to go through while seeking these services at other private facilities.

During the breakdown of the MRI and CT Scan machines, patients who required the service had to visit medical centres in the metropolis.

The machines were repaired by Africano Healthcare, representatives of Canon Medical Systems, suppliers of the equipment. Speaking at the recommissioning, the Chief Executive of the Hospital, Dr. Daniel Asare said that Korle Bu as a tertiary medical facility should provide a one-stop shop diagnostic service and also uninterrupted quality medical care.

“If you cannot get it in Korle Bu, then you cannot get it in Egypt or Dubai. That is what we are trying as much as possible to do”, he said. He said to ensure that the MRI and CT Scans do not break down again, Management was was making arrangement for an additional set to serve as back up. The Hospital’s Board chairman, Dr. Bernard Oko Boye said in line with getting additional MRI and CT Scan machines, the Board would consider a public private partnership arrangement to have these systems working at the same time.

He urged staff at the Hospital’s Radiology Department to handle the machines well in order to ensure that they work efficiently for a long time.

Article by xadmin