We Now Undertake Liver Cancer Surgeries too

For over a year now, the Hospital’s hepatobiliary surgeon and liver cancer team have been providing treatment to patients suffering from liver, pancreatic and bile duct cancers. This addition has increased the number of highly specialised surgeries such as re-attaching severed hands, key-hole and bladder reconstruction that the Hospital undertakes.

With about 120 successful liver, pancreas and bile duct cancer surgeries performed, the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital is poised and ready to assist all such patients who would have travelled outside Ghana for treatment to do so here at an affordable price.

In an interview with the Hospital, Dr. Asare Offei, the head of the team, said he was happy with their breakthrough.
Dr. Offei said patients who would have died from liver, pancreas and bile duct cancers or from the cost of travelling abroad for treatment can now do so in the Hospital at a relatively cheaper price.

“The cost of liver, bile duct and pancreas surgery is between GH₵10,000 and GH₵15,000, as against between $10,000 and $20,000 a patient would have had to pay in some of the cheapest centres around the world” Dr. Asare said, adding “this cost does not include flight and accommodation expenses the patient and, or his relatives would also pay”.

Causes of Liver, Bile Duct and Pancreatic Cancers

The high incidence of Hepatitis B virus in Ghana, coupled with inefficient treatment of jaundice can be attributed to the rise of more patients getting the condition.

Liver cancers are prevalent among people between 35 and 45 years, while pancreatic cases were prevalent among 60 and 70-year groups.

Procedure for the Surgery

Every human being’s liver has eight regions, each with a dedicated source of blood supply. With the assistance of a CT scan, surgeons are able to identify the exact location of the cancer in the liver.

Every human can survive on 30 percent of his/her liver volume, which is at least two or more of the eight regions. For surgery to take place, an assessment is done to determine if the patient would have enough remnant liver to survive before going ahead with the surgery.

From the Chief Executive

The Hospital’s Chief Executive, Dr. Daniel Asare, is elated about the introduction of the new procedure.
He said the Board and Management would do all it can to ensure the introduction of more sub-specialties.

“This is a new dawn in Korle Bu and we intend to provide services for which Ghanaians and our friends in the sub-region travel abroad for”, Dr. Asare said.

He thanked the lead surgeons and other members of his team for their dedication and perseverance in ensuring the introduction of this service.

Further Contact

Patients who require this service can come to our Department of Surgery or contact the Hospital on our website for further assistance.

Article by Oscar Johnson