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Services from a wide variety of medical fields

Providing innovative care, conducting research, and teaching skills to recognize and treat medical problems of the neonate

The Division of Neonatology participates fully in the Department of Pediatrics mission, focusing its attention through patient care, teaching and research on medical problems that arise during infancy and the sequelae of neonatal diseases that persist into later life.


A multi-disciplinary team of specialists in cardiology, vascular medicine, heart and vascular surgery, pulmonary medicine, genetics, orthopedics, psychology, nutrition and athletic performance.

The NCTC physicians, surgeons, nurses and other health care professionals are dedicated to providing the highest level of patient heart care. Learn more about all of our departments and centers.

Emergency Medicine

The Department of Emergency Medical Care , which is a part of the Centre of Emergency Medical Care, consists of three units: Intensive care room,Observation room and Outpatient unit.

Work load of all departments of emergency medical care in Estonia has grown remarkably in the past few years.


Department of Anaesthesiology performs about 15 000 procedures each year.
If patient is sent to surgery, he or she must pay visit to the Outpatient Anaesthesiology Clinic.


Inpatients and registered outpatients receive quality laboratory services through our Department of Laboratory Services.

Our Laboratory consists of Core Lab (Hematology, Biochemistry, Transfusion Medicine), etc.


Radiographers take images of the insides of patients' bodies to diagnose injury or disease. They also care for and treat people with cancer. Radiographers look after people who are unwell or in pain, and may be anxious or uncertain about what is going to happen.


The Cancer Care team of oncology professionals is extremely dedicated to providing outstanding patient care.In our department the Medical Oncology Consultants and all Trainees in Medical


The core purpose of the Department of Surgery is to improve the surgical care of patients in the Hospital. This is accomplished by providing state of the art care to ...


We provide advanced Orthopedics services  KBTH. We can take care of your joints, muscles and bones with innovative treatment.Our center features specially-trained physicians, along with a multidisciplinary team