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Research Application Procedure

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Procedure for commencing research in KBTH

1. The researcher shall register his/her proposal study by completing an application form, attaching the research proposal to the registration form and submitting to the R& D unit of KBTH. Remember that all research being conducted in KBTH must have a Ghanaian (preferably a KBTH employee) as a Pl or co-PI. ALL APPLICATIONS ATTRACT A FEE.

2. The registration forms are to be filled electronically on the website and submitted along with the research proposal. Alternatively the forms may be downloaded, filled and submitted manually to the R & D secretariat.

3. The R & D shall review the submission to determine whether it would require IRB, shall record into data base and submit it to the head of directorate(s)/unit(s) (HOD) relevant to work for comments/expression of any concerns.

4. If following five working days no comments are received from the HOD(s) the submission shall be considered as without comments from the directorate(s)/unit(s) relevant to the research and shall proceed to the next stage. The researcher will be notified if no further requirements are needed and may now re visit the R & D to pick/his or her certificate.

5. If however the HOD(s) have concerns, the R & D shall mediate by facilitating a discussion between the researcher and the HOD(s). Following resolution the researcher will be notified and may now re visit the R & D to pick up his/her certificate. If however resolution is not achieved the research cannot be conducted.

6. Based on accepted ethical standards the R & D shall determine if the researcher requires ethical clearance or other wise to conduct the study. In case of uncertainty the R & D will contact the IRB administrator for clarification.

7. If it is determined that the researcher does not require ethical clearance the researcher shall contact the relevant HOD(s) for a date to commence the work. Official notification of commencement date shall be either by minutes on the ethical clearance letter, a memo or a letter

8. On the other hand, if it is determined that the researcher requires ethical clearance, following registration, copies of the proposal shall be submitted to the R & D for the review by the Scientific and Technical Committee (STC) for technical correctness and issue a certificate.

9. The researcher will then be required to make the requisite submission to the KBTH IRB along with a copy of the registration certificate issued by the STC for research as described above. The KBTH IRB is expected not to accept submissions that do not have an attached registration certificate.

10. After following the process laid down by the KBTH IRB if ethical clearance is not granted the research cannot take place.

11. However if clearance is granted in writing by IRB, the researcher receives the institutional approval from the Medical Director and then contact the relevant HoD (s) to commence the work. Official notification of commencement date shall be by either minutes on the ethical clearance letter a memo or a letter.

12. Once the research is underway, the researcher is required to abide by all the guidelines in this document as well as any specific directives that may have come from the KBTH IRB, R & D or KBTH's management.