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Physiotherapy Department


About us

About the department
The Physiotherapy Department is under the Medical Affairs Directorate and it provides preventive, curative and rehabilitation services to its clientele on out-patient and in-patient basis.

To become the best hub of Physiotherapy Services in Ghana

Mission statement
 Working in a team with other Sub-BMCs, the Physiotherapy Department aspires to provide the highest quality of preventive, curative and rehabilitative services to its clients within available resources
- Develop excellence in teaching
- Develop our staff through programs to enable them to operate in an effective and efficient manner
- To promote research and dissemination of useful information to the general public.

- Provides preventive, curative and rehabilitative services to both in and out patients.
- Involved in the conduction of researches and facilitation of training of new therapists.
- Health promotion to the general public.


Our Clinicians

Our clinicians are made up of physiotherapist and physiotherapy assistants who have been trained in various specialist areas like, Hand Therapy, Bobath Neurodevelopmental Therapy, Cardio Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Parkinson’s Management and Stroke Management etc. To enhance efficiency therapist have been put into teams which includes:
- Orthopedics/Accident Centre/ Chest Clinic Physiotherapy Team
- Surgical Physiotherapy Team
- Medical/Fever /Polyclinic and SME Physiotherapy Team
- Plastic surgery & Burns Physiotherapy Team
- Out-patient Physiotherapy Team
- Pediatrics Physiotherapy Team


Treatment & Services

The Department offers:
- In-patient services
- Out – Patient services
- Paediatrics services
- Teaching/Supervising Physiotherapy Students during clinical postings.
- Supervising Physiotherapy Interns(Local and international)
- Partnership with other departments to carry out researches.
- Intramural services.
7. Research & clinical trials
- Ongoing data collection on brachial plexuses injury at the paediatrics unit.
- Ongoing collaboration with Zurich University and University of Ghana on research project.


Patient Education

Ongoing-on patient education programme at the Out Patient Department.

- Information leaflet made for clients on various conditions.


Faculty and Staff

The Department staff include:
Physiotherapy Assistants
Records personnel
Biomedical Engineer
ICT Personnel


Education and Training

Workshops, Conferences and seminars offered to staff to improve skills and work of both clinical and non-clinical personnel

  • - Clinical meetings presentations.

Support us

- In the rehabilitation of the Physiotherapy Paediatric unit
- Set up our Hydrotherapy unit
- Open to Exchange programmes to develop our staff and share knowledge and skills