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Heart Patients Relieved with Installation of Cathlab

Patients who need examination and treatment for heart diseases and conditions which can lead to heart attacks without resorting to open-heart surgery have been relieved. This is because a new Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory (Cathlab) has been installed, with assistance from government, at the Cardiothoracic Centre.

The Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory (Cathlab) is a vital machine used worldwide in modern cardiology and cardiac surgery. It assists cardiologists to diagnosis and treat various heart diseases without doing an open-heart surgery on the patient.

The Cathlab also enables Cardiologists to implant artificial pacemakers and defibrillators for the correction of abnormal heart beats.

At the inauguration of the Lab, the Director of the Cardio Centre, Dr. Lawrence Sereboe, said the installation is a life-saver for both staff and patients.

For staff, he said the Cathlab will assist professionals diagnose and treat various heart conditions, visualize blood vessels and organs in the body and train Cardiologists easily.

For patients, the use of the Cathlab prevents them from undergoing open-heart surgery in some instances which results in early recovery without big surgical incisions and trauma.

He lauded the government for coming to the Centre’s aid when the first Cathlab which had been in use for over 29years broke down.

Dr. Sereboe urged patients who require the use of the machine to visit the Centre for care.