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Research & Development Mission

To develop a focused Research and Development strategy which prioritizes support for RESEARCH and in those areas, which improve care outcomes and institutional performance



1. Develop and sustain the research capacity of the hospital
2. Coordinate and harmonized research activities going on in the hospital
3. Provide evidence-based knowledge that will contribute to the improvement of clinical and non- clinical services in KBTH.
4. Promote critical review and publication of research work.
5. Attract research partnerships to KBTH.

Streamlining research in KBTH

The Research & Development unit shall provide the following services:
a. Registration of research being conducted in the hospital or by KBTH staff prior to KBTH IRB.
b. Provide guidance to researcher to ensure that research is conducted in accordance with KBTH’s research Policy and Guidelines.
c. Promotion of research ethics through workshops/ seminars
d. Provide management or interested individuals with a clear picture of the kind of research going on in KBTH and its impact on the hospital.
e. Provide management with recommendations for harmonizing research efforts to accrue maximum benefits for all involved in line with KBTHs’ vision and mission.
f. Facilitate inter-directorate/ unit conduct of research.